What Can the Outer Harbor of Buffalo, New York Offer You?

So are you looking for a way to tour the outer harbor of the waterfront district in Buffalo, New York? There is no better way than by taking a bike tour. So what can you expect from this tour? How much is it to get one, and where do you sign up? Will you have time to take pictures or is it a fast-paced tour? All your questions will be answered keep reading.

On a bike tour, you’ll be able to take in the view of the beauty around you. You can enjoy taking a bike down the outer harbor. You will have to take a ferry there, but when you get there the scenery is amazing. If you’re ever in Buffalo, New York, then take a bike tour through the outer harbor, and take in all they have to offer.

What you can expect from this tour is a beautiful view by bike of the outer harbor just outside of the waterfront district in Buffalo, near the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. They take you through all the historic landmarks of the area so that you can see everything the city has to offer. You will be able to bike through nature trails in order to get to some of the most beautiful sites. Like the ruins of old Buffalo, from the city, it was to how it became the city it is today. A local will give you their point of view. Telling you about the history of the city, squatters, the landmarks, the labor unrest, and the cities’ effort to bring back more nature to the city. It also has a newly renovated BMX path for those of you that are looking for a bigger challenge from your bike tour.

SBy now you’re probably wondering the price of the tour. Well, it will cost you $25 if you bring your own bike, and $40 to rent one from them and take the tour. That’s a decent price to go all the way through the city for two and a half hours. So, where do you sign up? Well, all of their tours are given through reservation. You have to call ahead of time to schedule a tour for the day.

The tour guide will stop various places to tell you about the history and the scenery. This will give you plenty of time to take pictures of everything of importance by the end of the tour. You will have breaks frequently so you can take in the beauty of Buffalo, New York. It’s not a straight shot through, so take your time and enjoy the view.

SSo is that enough to intrigue you? Well, if so, call and make your reservation to take a bike tour today. It will be a blast from the past as you learn all about the history of the city. So the next time you’re in Buffalo, don’t forget to check out the outer harbor by bike. You just might regret it if you pass this opportunity up. The team from Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo love to visit the Outer Harbor of Buffalo for a relaxing evening.

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