A dental emergency takes many forms, the least of which is your wisdom teeth swelling up to the point of causing you pain. Sometimes a dental emergency is a broken tooth or other types of severe pain in your mouth. Dr. Hamad’s practice is about providing excellent endodontic care for Western New York patients. Endodontic services include non-surgical root canals, a treatment that can save your natural teeth, and prevent the need for dental implants or bridge. The center of your tooth is made up of pulp, as the pulp is a collection of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, that help build up the tooth surrounded by pulp.

When the pulp gets infected, the infection is caused by injury to the tooth, deep dental decay, the tooth getting cracked, and also having fractures. If you get repeated dental procedures in the tooth, the symptoms of infection lead to swelling, but not limited to sensitivity to temperature. The tooth then gives discomfort while chewing with the tooth. Dr. Hamad will apply anesthesia to your tooth in order to perform the root canal. Root canals could be completed in one or more visits, only because the root canal system has to be cleaned thoroughly and sealed.

Root canals are performed with a record of this procedure sent to your normal dentist. Contacting their office is required after treatment in order to secure a final restoration after one week. The patient needs to call their endodontist if anything unusual is going on after the root canal. Costs of a root canal vary because of how severe the damage is to the patient’s affected tooth. Having a history of root canals can also affect the cost of this procedure. Endodontic retreatment helps your teeth last as long as your natural teeth.

Pain may continue months or years after treatment and this may mean that a revision of the original treatment is necessary. If a tooth has trouble healing, curved or narrow canals may be the cause if they were not treated during the original root canal. There are canals that went undetected during the treatment when this becomes the case. A tooth has to be opened in order to access the root canal’s filling. An existing filling will be removed from the canal in order to carefully look at the inside of the tooth. Endodontic microsurgery is another procedure that helps diseased pulp.

Endodontic surgery helps treat dental conditions that normal treatments cannot. The damaged tissue is then removed along with the infected end of the root tip, as a root-end filling is placed to seal the root canal while preventing the root canal space from being infected all over again. The procedure causes discomfort and swelling while the tooth heals and pain medication is prescribed. Mouth injuries in which teeth are dislocated is something that can be fixed along with when a tooth falls out, as you have to keep the tooth moist, using a glass of milk. Many tooth problems can be fixed. Learn more here about insurance covering dental emergencies.

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