Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site Admission and Guided Tour

Step into the life of America’s most spirited president at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site. The site contains an extensive collection of artifacts from Roosevelt’s life and special exhibits that pull the curtain back on this cowboy’s life. When you visit the TR Inaugural Site you’ll be able to wrestle with the very issues our president faced years ago as you stand in the place in which he made a vow to our country.

Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind tours this site offers. A popular tour is the Buffalo Double Decker Bus Tour. You have the opportunity to immersively experience the 1901 inauguration in all its peculiarities. In the Orientation Room, you can place yourself in history. The bustle of Buffalo, NY and the excitement of the country will put you in the mind of the president-to-be. Next, the Historic Rooms will allow you to stand in history itself. Walk the ground the statesman walked, and take in the room as he would have. On this tour, you even get a chance to see the library where President Roosevelt was sworn into office. When you’ve soaked in the history, move to the Issues Theater, where you’ll get a look into the mind of the man himself. Hear about the profound moment in history that Roosevelt found himself caught up in. Finally, continue to the Second Floor where you’ll be able to interact with the President. His legacy echoes through the halls of the site and across the country. Compare the issues Roosevelt faced with those that challenge our country today. You may find something familiar in his story.

Mark your calendar today for a time to come see this captivating historical site. Tours leave hourly beginning at 9:30 on weekdays and 12:30 on weekends all year long. Order tickets online, or become a member of the site to enter for free. Admission prices are $12 for adults, and the site offers discounts for students, veterans, youth, children, and families. Coming with a group? The TR Inaugural Site wants to prepare a great experience for you! Call ahead for a group tour.

History comes to life in this captivating experience. When you walk the halls that captured such thrilling moments for this young president, you’ll feel him step out of the pages of history. Leave this place inspired by the fiery man who said these words that so accurately portray his own legacy: “Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.” Dr. Hatim Hamad and his team from Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo love the history that is right next door.

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