In the world of dentistry there all various positions. Some of these positions require an extra amount of training and education. Typically the more training, the more the yearly salary.

Every dentist is not an endodontist. In fact, only a small percentage of dentists practice in this particular field, under 3% to be exact. Endodontists require an extra two to three years of training. So, after the dental training has been satisfactorily completed, the student then began his training in this specialized field, bringing him/her to their goal.

The training consists mainly of learning about how to save diseased teeth. Normally, this is done by performing root canals. Intense training of how to perform a root canal will take place in this training. Endodontists in training first learn how to identify or recognize the need for a root canal. Those symptoms will most likely include a certain amount of pain. The patient will feel pain because the tooth has become infected/inflamed. The task of the endodontists is to remove the pulp that is in the inside of the tooth. After this area has been cleaned out the doctor will fill it with a substance called gutta-percha.

Students will become familiar with the different tools that are used to verify the need for a root canal. Some dental tools used are X-ray machines called panoramic or intraoral. The panoramic machine has the ability to take a snapshot of the entire mouth of the patient. The intraoral will takes pictures of one tooth at a time. Not only do dentists learn the correct usage of equipment they also learn when to use them. Mixing cement, so that the tooth can be filled, the usage of rubber dams, pluggers, etc are only some of the things the endodontist in training will learn.

Rubber dams are used when one tooth needs to be separated from the other. Pluggers are especially needed to fill a tooth during a root canal. The amount of training when it comes to how to use dental computer technology is also quite extensive.

The yearly pay of an Endodontists is an average of $209,000. However, that amount can be much higher, as much as nearly $300, 000. An Endodontists can stay in training until he/she has received their doctorate. The higher the education in this field can also determine the yearly salary. An Endodontists is a respected profession and one that is needed by thousands of Americans every day. 

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