The Greatest Architect Ever Known!

It is a common fact that when you think of beautiful architecture, you think of none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Llyod Wright was born in 1867. He quickly used his skills in art to become an architect, writer, interior designer, and educator to showcase to the world what he was good at. He believed that architecture should resemble, and blend in with its’ surroundings. He is known for over 1000 design structures, of which 532 were actually built, and finished.

One such design is the Darwin D. Martin House, located in Buffalo, NY near Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo. This house, or should we say, complex, is thought to be one of his finest designs. Built from 1903-1909, it is done in the “Prairie period” style. Wright believed in horizontal lines and planes, with cantilevered rooves. He also liked overhanging eaves and a central hearth. Wright believed that the “hearth” was the central meeting and harmony spot for all families, and so included it in many designs.

Darwin D. Martin who was born a “simple man’ with a tragic childhood, who became a self-made millionaire, with hard work and determination. He grew the “Larkin Company where he worked, to be an admirable competitor to the Sears Roebuck Company. With the expansion of the company, came a need for a new administrative building. He was put in touch with a new young aspiring architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Martin was so impressed with the young architect, that he wanted him to design his home, and for his other family members, resulting in the Martin Complex.
There was a total of six interconnected buildings. The main home for Martin, two smaller homes for family, a conservatory, carriage house, and a gardener’s cottage. The main home was the most focus for Wright. He incorporated some of his own stained glassworks into the windows. The most famed piece is the “Tree of life” design. Wright did not stop at architecture and glasswork. He also designed furniture, with built-in cabinets, showcasing his art glass doors. One of his most famous pieces is the “barrel chair”.

The interior of the home is inspired by Japanese culture and art, for which Wright was a great admirer of. He commissioned many prints for the walls, of which twenty-four, still remain. Wright’s “art glass’ is also seen throughout the home, of which there are 394 pieces. These include such modern items as skylights, daylights, and sidelights, as he called them all incorporating his designs in them.

Over the years, the complex, suffered many losses, with three of the original buildings having to be demolished. In 1986 the complex was designated as a National Historic Landmark. In 1992, The Martin House Restoration Corporation (MHRC) was formed, to start the process of getting the complex restored. In 1997 restoration was finally started, beginning with the main Martin home, and continues to this day. The Martin home is nearby the Theodore Roosevelt National Historic Site.

The complex is open for tours, however, it depends on which tour, as there are several. You must visit the website to find your tour and time. Enjoy!

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