Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo launched its new website on September 9, 2019. The new site empowers patients to request appointments online. Moreover, it provides an extensive informational library for dentists.

Advanced Endodontics is the practice of Dr. Hatim Hamad, DDS, MS. He received his training at NTC Great Lake, Illinois and a Certificate in Endodontics from the Naval Postgraduate Dental School, in Bethesda, MD. His practice is now at 3993 Harlem Road in Buffalo, NY 14226.

Practice Features

At Advanced Endodontics, Dr. Hatim Hamad and his staff provide a broad range of dental services. Patients might visit the clinic for a non-surgical root canal. It is an opportunity to avoid the installation of a dental implant. In this scenario, Dr. Hamad then removes the infection of the pulp and cleans the affected tissues. His success rate for this treatment goes from 80% to 98%.

Another way of saving a tooth involves an apicoectomy. It is a procedure that removes part of the diseased root and surrounding tissues. Doing so can save the affected tooth. Apicoectomy is another term for endodontic surgery.

Occasionally, a patient may require revision therapy in the form of endodontic re-treatment. This may be the case if the tooth presents with additional decay or a loose crown exposed the area to a new infection. Dr. Hamad routinely handles these types of cases.

When necessary, he can also assist patients who lost teeth due to traumatic injuries. Doing so involves the tooth’s repositioning and stabilizing. When a patient’s general dentist is not available, this practice is willing to help.

Patient Services

The initial consultation is an opportunity for the doctor and patient to meet. At this time, the patient learns about the treatment options. In many cases, it is possible to perform a root canal treatment as part of the initial appointment. In complex cases, the doctor might order tests first or request missing medical details to understand the scope of the patient’s needs.

To make payment easy for patients, the practice works with a large number of dental insurance carriers. Examples include Aetna, Cigna, and Guardian. Because full disclosure of financial terms is essential for a good patient-doctor relationship, a financial coordinator is on hand to assist with the discussion of treatment costs. For patients in need of financial assistance, there is an opportunity to participate in a third-party lending program.

For the convenience of patients, it is possible to access intake forms online. Doing so cuts down on the paperwork that they do during the initial consultation. Most importantly, it provides the specialist with the needed information to offer a productive initial consultation.

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Visit Advanced Endodontics online at The newly-launched website is patient-friendly and easy to navigate. You may also reach Dr. Hamad by phone at (716) 222-8036.

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