Root Canal vs. Dental Implant: Saving the Natural Tooth with a Root Canal

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Buffalo, NY. – Apr. 2, 2021. At Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo, preserving the health of every patient’s smile is a #1 priority. Proudly serving western New York and the surrounding areas, the expert team of root canal professionals led by Dr. Hatim Hamad provides patients of all ages with the highest endodontic care. As the top-rated endodontist in Buffalo, NY, Dr. Hamad, and his team follow the highest dentistry standards to save natural teeth affected by decay, dental disease, or injury.

Root Canal Treatment at Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo

Root canal treatment is a common procedure. Due to its high success rate, root canal therapy is one of the most effective ways of saving an injured tooth without implementing dental bridges or implants.

The doctors at Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo perform non-surgical root canal treatments that involve treating the pulp and infection surrounding your teeth. The pulp is a collection of nerves, vessels, and tissues that covers the tooth.

Due to fractures, cracks, decay, or dental disease, you may experience symptoms such as sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures, swelling, and discomfort when eating. When you notice these signs, it is essential to visit the best endodontist in Buffalo, NY—Dr. Hatim Hamad—to treat the infection and relieve pain.

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Root Canal vs. Dental Implant

In dentistry, saving a natural tooth is always a better option. While dental implants and bridges are safe procedures and help restore patients’ smiles, there is no argument that there is a higher chance of inflammation when adding a foreign object into a person’s mouth. The dental industry has also come to an agreement that natural teeth provide better chewing than dentures.

Functionality and oral health are not the only reasons why Dr. Hamad and the rest of the endodontic team at Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo prefer root canal treatment to implants and bridges. Time and cost are two essential factors that affect the decision. The average cost of a root canal treatment is more affordable than the average cost of an implant.

The typical root canal therapy (depending on the patient’s level of infection and dental health) requires one to three visits to the endodontist in Amherst, NY, and Buffalo, NY, while implementing a dental plan takes from five to ten months. This is because implant or bridge implementation includes tooth extraction, infection treatment, bone grafting, and healing.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

If you are suffering from a tooth infection, there are various reasons why visiting the highly-rated Amherst endodontist, is an ideal solution. Dr. Hatim Hamad and his specialist team will welcome you to a modern office equipped with the latest apparatuses to make your dental experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

Here is how an endodontic treatment at Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo can help you:

  • It stops the spread of inflammation to other teeth
  • It aims to save your natural teeth
  • It has a virtually appealing result
  • It prevents the gums and jawbone from decaying
  • It enhances your overall oral health
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