Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo Offers Emergency Dental Care for Traumatic Injuries

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Traumatic injuries to the mouth can cause severe damage to the teeth and jawline. Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo works directly with patients to determine the most suitable treatment for repairing teeth that have been damaged by a traumatic injury.

Damaging your teeth can feel like the end of the world. But with modern dentistry, recovering damaged teeth has become highly-achievable. Teeth often become dislodged or avulsed (knocked out) after a traumatic injury. Whether it is a chipped or dislodged tooth, Advanced Endodontics will restore it to normal in no time.  

Fixing dislodged teeth is usually easier than recovering an avulsed tooth. For the best chance of recovering damaged teeth, patients should see their endodontist immediately.

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How To Save Dislodged Teeth

Given the severity of the injury, teeth can be displaced from their sockets. Serious injuries can displace not only a tooth but also damage the root and pulp, which would mean an endodontist will need to perform a root canal to save the injured tooth. A root canal should be done within 7-10 days after the injury to increase the chance of recovery.

Children under 12 may not need a root canal after a traumatic injury. That’s because deciduous teeth (baby teeth) have differing healing capabilities than adult teeth. An endodontist may still need to monitor the affected area closely to see if any procedure is necessary for a proper recovery. 

Not only is a dislodged tooth painful, but it can also be frightening—nobody wants to lose a tooth. Luckily endodontists have the right tools and training to successfully reposition injured teeth, allowing them to heal and stay healthy for many years.

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What About a Knocked-Out Tooth?

When a tooth gets knocked out of its socket, it is known as an avulsed tooth. Tooth avulsion is very serious, and treatment should be immediate. The first thing to do is to recover the tooth or tooth fragments and keep them moist, preferably in milk. If the tooth is kept wet enough, an endodontist can save it in just a couple of hours.

Anyone with a tooth knocked out should seek emergency dental care right away. However, not all treatments are created equal. The injury and storage method can impact what treatment is suitable for recovery. An endodontist needs to know how the tooth was avulsed and how long it was out of its socket. After reinserting the tooth, patients should be cautious about which foods they eat until their endodontist confirms the tooth has completely healed.

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How Advanced Endodontics Can Help

Have a dental emergency? Contact the Advanced Endodontics team in Buffalo right away! They take the extra step to make sure their patients are well-informed about the best treatment options for their conditions. Their well-trained endodontists can handle all dental emergencies, no matter how serious. If it’s a tooth, Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo can fix it.

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