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 Dr. Hatim A. Hamad DDS, MS is a former officer of the United States Navy and now is the leading endodontic expert offering the best endodontic services in Buffalo, NY.

Dr. Hamad’s Services

Dr. Hatim Hamad offers non-surgical root canals, endodontic retreatment, microsurgery, and traumatic injury treatment. Non-surgical root canals are a standard service provided in the office and include anesthetizing the tooth, removing the tooth and pulp, and suturing the gum tissue. Dr. Hamad completes each treatment in one to two visits, with an 80% to 98% success rate.

Dr. Hamad puts his patients’ needs first, providing retreatment and helping damaged teeth last as long as other teeth. He pinpoints issues with canals, treats infections, and prevents saliva contamination. Dr. Hatim will identify new decay requiring treatment, cracked crowns, or loose fillings.

Endodontic Microsurgery

Endodontic microsurgery is known as apicoectomy in the dental field. This procedure allows Dr. Hamad to treat and save diseased teeth, removing damaged tissue, adding a root-end filling, and suturing the gums appropriately. Patients can save diseased teeth to avoid complicated root canals and implant surgeries.

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Dislodged or Avulsed Teeth

Dislodged teeth have moved from their place in the mouth, but they have not fallen out. Dr. Hamad understands how to reposition the tooth by checking the pulp and gum tissue around the tooth for damage. If further treatment is necessary, Dr. Hamad schedules a follow-up appointment. He also repairs infected tissue via other methods, such as root canal therapy.

Dr. Hamad checks avulsed or knocked-out teeth for damage, replaces them, or schedules further treatment if necessary. Patients can keep a knocked-out tooth in a moist towelette or liquid while traveling to the office. Emergency appointments are available, and patients can call the office for a consultation if the tooth is missing. Dr. Hamad recommends icing the area to prevent swelling.

Patient and Dentist Consultations

While Dr. Hamad offers fantastic services, he knows that patients have questions. Consultations at Advanced Endodontics of Buffalo allow patients to learn the ups and downs of both root canals and implants. Dr. Hamad cannot save teeth in all cases, and he recommends that patients use implants where appropriate.

Dr. Hamad consults with patients and other dentists every day. He does not force surgery on patients, saves teeth, and produces beautiful smiles. He understands that patients often feel nervous when choosing dental treatment plans, and he offers a bedside manner that sets everyone’s minds at ease.

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Dr. Hamad’s Background

Dr. Hatim Hamad is a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Cairo University. With a DDS degree from the State University at Buffalo School of Dentistry, he served in the United States Navy as an officer. After receiving his advanced education in general dentistry, he served three years at NTC Great Lake, Illinois in the endodontic department. Dr. Hamad provides the population of Buffalo and surrounding areas with new and unique treatments for diseased, damaged, or missing teeth.

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