There is treatment such as a non-surgical root canal. Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment but there is an alternative to them. Non-surgical root canals are not as invasive as an average root canal. Root canals are mostly what endodontists perform but there is an easier alternative in the form of a non-surgical root canal, which is similar to a normal root canal in that there is drilling into the tooth but it is more like a really deep filling. Either way, you look at a root canal, the hole has to be filled.

A non-surgical root canal procedure means that they drill further than they would otherwise. Root canals require a crown sometimes in order to make sure that the tooth is protected from the work chewing takes. Endodontic work is attempting to save the tooth from the pulp of the tooth becoming infected. A tooth is made up of three layers, the enamel, and the dentin under that which surrounds the soft part of the tooth, which is the pulp. The pulp has the nerves that provide sensation such as pain or temperature of cold or warm foods.

Your tooth can function well once it is fully grown without its nerve supply because the pulp is the blood supply of the tooth, which is how the tooth is fed by the blood supply. The pulp needs to be removed when it becomes infected from injury or dental decay, which can happen to anybody. Bacteria can then manage to find its way to infiltrate the hard outer layers of the tooth to get into the pulp and cause infection. This infection might result in a tooth abscess that leads to further infection in the gums and bones surrounding the teeth.

If the infection is caught before it spreads to the gums or bones surrounding the teeth, the symptoms of severe tooth pain or jaw pain becomes extreme. It is also involving sensitivity to hot food or cold food or drinks that can continue even when the cause of the pain is removed. The sufferer notices a change in the color of the tooth or painful swelling in the gums surrounding the tooth because sometimes there are no symptoms that are not caught during a regular exam. Non-surgical root canals are not as painful as a surgical root canal and may be easier for some patients to deal with. 

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